Reading Material

I've been at a loss for what to read lately, I just couldn't get into anything for some reason, but then I walked into the bookstore this weekend and there was a brand new novel by one of my favorite writers! Problem solved! Well sort of, I hardly seem to have time for reading lately, just a few minutes in the morning. I don't mind, things I'm working on lately are pretty exciting and a lot of fun.

To see a peek of one of the things that's been keeping me busy go to Sharon Montrose's blog. More to come on this you can be sure:)


  1. i know the feeling you have, every book i pick up is too sad for me to continue lately...i need something lively and happy.!

  2. the moment I saw the blog, I recognised her work. Her photos are truly amazing. And the book, with your illustrations, it sounds like a lego-click for the book.

  3. Oh, hello! How lovely that you have a blog, I've been before to your website, a while ago, however, didn't notice there was more (a blog, a shop, etc...).

    When I was in the bookstore, say maybe a month ago, and saw the new issue of Tin House with your art on it, I immediately (and rather feverishly) picked it up to peruse the credits/contributers page for whomever (you!) made the woodsy and whimsical cover.

    I'm pinching pennies to get back to Africa, although, your shop is chock full of so much loveliness (if only I'd known of it pre-Christmas, it's perfect for presents) ... can you tell me, are items like the Book Journal and the Fox Rider Journal in plentiful or is it a get it quick, get it now, sort of ordeal? If so, I may have to cave on my saving and scoop those up, and perhaps the Postcard Correspondence Set, even if I'm likely too selfish to send any of those beauties away, as much as I do fancy old fashioned mail.

    Yes, so, as I'm sure it's evident by this longwinded gushing comment ... I'm quite smitten with your work, it's delightful!


  4. I just finished reading that and it's delightful. I couldn't put it down!