Oh A Whim Fabric Design

I actually worked on this fabric design way back in 2013. It's for a small fashion label in Australia and they wanted a pattern with Australian wild flowers. It was really the first pattern I ever made and I learned a lot, but I really wish I'd had my tablet at the time it would have been so much easier! As you can see they've put the pattern to good use in this dress but they've also made tee-shirts & blouses and they're continuing to use it which makes me happy. 

(Thanks to Erin rom OAW for this photo!)


More Dogs & Bikes

Dog Bike4

Dogs & Bikes 5


Bright Agency

panther story

I am very excited to let you know that I am now represented by Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency! Bright handles not just children's books but also commercial illustration and art licensing so I am thrilled for what the future holds for both the growth of my work and my career.


A Few Garden Related Drawings

Herb Pots


Quilt Progress


Quilt progress

I thought I'd share some progress from the embroidery/quilt project I recently started. I got this idea when I discovered sashiko embroidery a few months ago on Pinterest. Sashiko is traditional form of Japanese embroidery involving a simple running stitch. The simplicity of style and color combined with beautiful repeating patterns appealed to me right away. I've wanted to start a project that would be creative, but not involved my usual work, and not be on the computer. I used to embroider a lot actually, some pretty complicated pictures, but that's not what I'm drawn to anymore and I just wanted something that involved less planning that I could just do meditatively.
Anyway, I guess what I'm doing with this project isn't traditionally sashiko, which is done in white thread on indigo died cloth. I chose to do an ecru white on plain linen, because I'm all about neutral colors right now, and I love linen. I also decided to make a small blanket because I wanted to make something useful to me. Just making a sampler seemed kind of pointless to me, and when I start something new I like to try something possibly overly ambitious.
I've never made a blanket before, so I kind of just muddled my way though, but I think it turned out okay. I ended up getting two pieces of fabric, cutting one slightly small than the other and then making a sandwich with cotton batting in the middle. Then I used the larger bottom fabric to come up over the top to make the binding. I ended up having to sew it together by hand because my old sewing machine couldn't handle all the layers. It took probably twice as long and is pretty messy, but I'm trying to just go with it, who needs perfection anyway? I don't want to make it too perfect, in fact I've noticed that the sashiko I like the most is the kind that's uneven and more freeform. That said I picked a fairly complicated repeating pattern and sketched it out in pencil and I am trying to be neat. I'm just not going to make myself crazy over it.
I've got just about 1/4 of the embroidery done but so far I'm really proud of just making the blanket part. Now I have all these ideas for more blankets and quilts I want to make! Well, we'll see, I'll try not to get too carried away until I actually finish this one.

I'll be sure to check back in with a progress report later on!



A few more recent gifs I've made.


Bike Dogs


Green Bike

Dog Cargo

I made this little series based on the various forms of bike dog transportation that I see from my window every day.

You can buy the first two as prints here and here


Tin House Book

If you follow me on Instagram you already know, I got my copy of Flair Fullers "Endless Number Days" a few months ago now. Yes that's my artwork on the cover! Both the people at Tin House and Clair herself told me how perfect this piece was for the book, like it had been made for it (it wasn't, actually it's from quite a few years ago), and having recently finished the book I have to agree it fits quite well.


Kitty Invite

Kitty Invite
This couple wanted their cats involved in their wedding invitation. This is probably my favorite invite I've ever designed for a client!

More like this please! If you want me to illustrate a quirky, personal wedding invitation for you get in touch! Or of course there are always my pre-designed ones too!.


Work for Others

millies dollhouse

nishitas blog

A few recent blog headers I've made for clients.



Tea cup

walking together

dog comments

Some recent random little things.



Wolf Panel
This piece is available to buy right now at now at Flower Pepper Gallery, either online or in person, as part of a cash and carry exhibit. It's done in watercolor and pencil on a wood panel. Watercolor isn't the easiest thing to work with on wood, but I think it came out pretty well!


New Prints!

New Prints
I just updated my shop with some new prints! Several were highly requested, so if you've been waiting on one be sure and check them out!
Morning, plants, & tea
Rainy day dogs

I also retired a few older ones. Don't worry though, if I've taken down one that you've now decided you can't live without, or if you've seen me post a piece recently that isn't currently a print, I can usually accommodate special requests. Just get in touch!



Mossy Hermit

Toast Hermit



If you follow my tumblr blog you'll have already seen these but I've been making some gifs recently. These are pretty simple, it still tasks all my brain power to figure out the correct layering to make them move. But I really like making them and I love the possibilities! It's a form of animating, without being completely overwhelming, and I feel like it's a little art form in it's own right. I've been really inspired by the gifs made by this artists. I want to work up to more complicated ones with more moving parts eventually, so stay tuned.


Alicia Gbur Photography

Alicia Gbur Photography logo
Another recent logo with image and lettering for Alicia Gbur Photography.



A few little warm up drawings from the last few weeks.


These Paper Hearts

TPH Header
I recently designed this blog header for the YA Book Blog These Paper Hearts. The proprietor of the blog re-designed her site around it and I think it looks lovely!


ETA In Frames

ETA piece framed

ETA piece framed
I framed my pieces for ETA this time in some lovely hand made frames I found on Etsy, from this seller.


ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17
Here are all my pieces for the upcoming Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta Gallery. You can buy them online here, or visit the gallery for the opening Friday February 6th in Portsmouth, NH!
The image area of each is about 3 inches and each has touches of gold leaf. I gave them all the most ridiculous names, but never mind!

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17