Fern Wedding Suite

Fern wedding invite
I've added a new customizable wedding invite set to my store. This one is inspired by the lush ferny forests here in the Pacific Northwest.
More info & buy them here

Fern Invites Suite

Fern rsvp & save the date



Website update
Gave my portfolio site a bit of a refresh over the holidays. Take a look see juliannaswaney.com


Christmas Postcard This Year

xmas postcard this year
Designed exclusively for my mom!


Friday Bits


Just some photos of recent things (which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram @ohmycavalier).

This film looks amazing. Or at least every interesting.


Flower Crown

Flower Crown


Friday Bits

Festive raccoon
A little festive raccoon.

Just a few Friday Bits:

♥I've got a little ways to go before 40 but definitely agreed with some things from this list "What You Learn in Your 40s", and was comforted by others.

Some good sense about cleansing.

Theory Of Everything podcast is doing a great series about the internet called "the dislike club". I'm feeling pretty burnt out by the web lately so this podcast is really speaking to me right now...


Apple thieves

Apple thieves
Drawing more little raccoon scamps but trying to challenge myself to draw them in some different positions.

Hey! Today is the last day my store will be open until January, so if you need anything for the holidays make sure you get over there! (Printable gift tags & things will still be available though!)


Friday Bits

Winter Friend


♥ Um, I'm gonna need this.

A most delicious sandwich

Cooking with Dog you guys! Cuuuute!

♥ Working out can be rough this time of year. Sometimes I watch this when I need some inspiration.

♥ This person used my calendar from last year in a Youtube video tutorial/show & tell. Very cute! I like seeing them in action.


Little Archer

little archer
little archer pattern
A little digital drawing I made into a pattern.

Today is the last day to get 20% off your order of $10 or more in my store!


Friday Bits

Inspired by this I decided to try and make my own pompom garland. The results are...not all I could have hopped. Partially at least because I didn't get enough colors. Well it's still a work in progress, I need to fill up that string more I think, it looks a little sad. And I finally learned that making your own pompoms is indeed pretty easy and fun.

Friday Bits:

Beautiful and amazing.

♥ I've been making my way though the two seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries that are on Netflix. At first I felt pretty ho-hum about it "oh another lady detective. And she's a flapper Yawn." But no! Phryne Fisher is a truly independent modern woman, and a glamorous bad-ass, and I love her.

♥ Also Bee & Puppycat. I loooove it!

♥ I can't wait to make this cake.

This makes total sense.

Current song I'm listening to over and over.

Have a nice weekend! And if you're doing some shopping this weekend, remember to use the code NOVEMBERFEELS in my shop for 20% off your order though Monday!


Calendar For Art Star!

2015 Calendar for Art Star
The 2015 wall calendar I designed in collaboration with my friends at Art Star is finally here! It's got 12 of my illustrations and is printed on 100lb smooth cover paper with a small hole for hanging, and measures 8-1/2″ square when closed.
It's exclusive to Art Star so stop by their brick and mortar shop or website to get one!

Also, Don't forget about the 20% sale in my shop right now!



I'm having a sale! Starting today, though Black Friday and all that, until December 1st just use the code NOVEMBERFEELS at check out to get 20% off your entire order!

This would be a great time to buy xmas gifts because, well it's a sale, but also because I'll be closing my store for holiday break pretty early this year, on December 8th.

It would also be a good time to stock up on postcard sets because I'm going to start cycling them out of my store for a while.



I recently decided to get myself one of the more introductory priced drawing tablets from Wacom, just to kinda play with and do some experimenting (I got the Intous pen & touch, incase you're wondering. Used to be called the Bamboo). It definitely takes some practice to get used to drawing with it, and it will never take the place of my main drawing practice with pencil and watercolor on paper, but I think it will work out perfectly along side it. You can download great brushes that have beautiful hand drawn looks and textures, which has been a lot of fun to play around with! It's also so nice to be able to just erase things or change a color in a few seconds. Anyway, these are some of my early experiments
Tablet experiments
Tablet drawing #2
Flower pattern

Also just a heads up, I'm going to start a sale in my store starting on Friday though December 1st, so check back in Friday for the details on that!


Friday Bits: Books Read in October

I only read 4 books in October, which is probably my my average. Of course I had to read another David Mitchell book, or two actually, Number 9 Dream and Cloud Atlas (probably is most famous?). Anyway I loved them both, of course. One thing I really appreciate about David Mitchell's writing is how he can switch from being deeply moving to being pretty funny so seamlessly, without losing any depth. Eleanor & Park was something I picked up without knowing anything about it, only that a lot of people seemed to be reading it. I enjoyed it but by the middle the constant teenage over reacting to everything got a bit tiresome. I didn't find the end as devastating as some people seemed to, I actually thought it was a perfect way to end it. The Picture of Dorian Gray was what we read in my book club. The writing is witty and snappy, it was completely enjoyable to read, but the story left me feeling a sense of despair and emptiness, which I think was completely the point! I wasn't totally in the mood for it though, which I think made reading it slightly more of a chore than it normally would have been.

Did you read anything good in October?


New At Noun

Rabbit Dawn
All of these pieces will be available to purchase though Noun, here in Portland. They might not be out for sale quite yet since Stephanie always frames them in lovely vintage frames she needs to find just the right ones for these pieces, but they will be soon!
Little Tree Guardian
Autumn roundabout


Friday Bits

New Bookcase4
My birthday was at the end of October, and as a gift to myself this year I bought a real bookcase. I'm completely smitten with it. Glass doors! Swoon!
New Bookcase2
Since I moved to this apartment over three years ago I've kept my books in a charming but non-practical stacking system that would fall on top of my every time I tried to get a book from it. On a trip out of Portland recently I happened to come across a place selling antique furniture with some character, at actually reasonable prices, and problem solved! As long as I don't buy any more books...
New Bookcase3
It was so nice going though all my books, dusting them off and putting them in their new home.


2015 Calendar

My 2015 Calendar, just added to my store!

2015 Calendar


Bright Pink Monsters

I guess I would put these drawings in the category of "personal work" since they are kind of strange and I know almost no one will like them. I like them though! They started as scribbles in my sketchbook but I felt the need to turn them into more finished drawings.
(Gold foil for the flame-eyes of course)


Recipe Cards!

I've just added these sets of recipe cards to my shop! They come 12 in a set and are printed on premium uncoated card stock. I'm actually hopping they might appeal young chefs, so if you know any, why not get them a set?
rabbit's lunch recipe cards
Buy here

Kitchen Kitten recipe cards
Buy here
They come 12 in a set and are printed on premium uncoated card stock.

I like to keep a few recipe cards with my most used recipes affixed to the insides of my kitchen cabinet doors. That way I can just open the door and there is the recipe, and at eye level, rather than having to search around through Pinterest/the internet every time I want to make my favorite bread. It's a simple thing, but handy!


Friday Bits

crater lake, 2013
Crater Lake & full moon, this time last year.

Have a good weekend!