Shop Update

It's been a while! I've been in the process of moving the last month and I am just now starting to settle in to my new home and studio, but I'm going to try to get back into my blogging schedule...

Anyway I wanted to post today to let you know about a few holidays related things in my shop:

Firstly, I decided to do a 2016 Calendar after all! It is going to available to print at home as a digital download rather than a physical copy this year. I have a lot more freedom that way and so do you! This calendar is of course all cats (each month is different!) & was made with a mixture of digital and hand drawing.

2016 calendar

2016 calendar
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I also have a new holiday card with these adorable little raccoons off to spread some festive cheer! Again I decided to do a digital download, which means you can print as many as you need!
Raccoon holiday card
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Lastly I made some bright cheerful gift tags:
Holiday gift tags
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Let me know if you buy any of these & how you use them! I'm interested in expanding the digital items I have available (I've even reopened my Etsy store to sell exclusively digital products), so let me know if you have any feedback or any requests for digital items!



A peaceful smoke

Cozy Armchair Read

A few recent drawings



quilt progress
quilt progress
Finished quilt
Last month I finished the quilt project I started a few months ago (you would have seen if you follow me on Instagram). I absolutely loved working on it and I'm so proud of finishing it.
For a while I was just working on it in bits here and there, but in July I started getting really burnt out with work and I found working on the quilt in the evening to unwind was really helpful. Pretty much working on it was everything I hoped it would be: a way to use my hands, do something creative, and feel like I'd accomplished something solid, which I often don't get from my work these days, which is creative but filled with fraught decision making and a whole lot of insecurities.
I looked forward to working on it a lot, I'd just put on a podcast or audiobook and embroider for an hour or so, which actually made quite a bit of progress over the course of a few weeks. So pleasant and relaxing!

Plus now that this one is done I can using it to cover my lap while reading on cool Autumn mornings. And, I've already started on another!


Another Poster For Art Star

A poster I designed for Art Star. Love these brash driving foxes (and thanks to Megan + Erin of Art Star for the concept)


Gathering Food for Winter

Bear berry picking
bear mushroom picking


Blackbird & Acorns

Blackbirds and acorns Wedding invitations

Blackbirds and acorns Wedding invitations

I've released a new suite of customizable wedding invitations into my shop. I think it's pretty evident that this set was inspired by Fall, and would be perfect if you're planing an Autumn wedding for next year!
Like with the other sets I can accommodate custom wording for the typed info (as long as it fits!), and the names will be hand lettered in the style pictured.

One new thing with this set is that it comes with a "Thank You" folding notecard instead of a Save The Date. I noticed with the other sets often couples had already sent out their save the dates before they were thinking about invitation designs and so didn't need that piece.

Hope you like them! And spread the word if you know anyone recently engaged!



Folktale of some sort


Trying Something New

I've decided to try opening a Society6 shop. I’m honestly not sure if this is a great idea or not, but I’ve heard good things about it and my boyfriend and I are saving for a house so…

I do think it’s kind of a cool low stakes way to sell prints (and other things) of pieces I wouldn’t normally make a print of. I can be more experimental. Plus it’s fun to have my images on different products it wouldn’t make sense to produce myself. AND I don’t have to ship them, which is quite an incentive for me ;)

Anyway, I hope you check the shop out and feel free to give feedback or let me know if there are specific pieces you'd like to see there.


Waxwing Mercantile

Waxwing Logo
Recent logo for a lovely online shop, opening soon! Waxwing Mercantile will be online, but it's based in and inspired by Maine, one of my favorite places!



Antler Show Pieces
I have a small show opening in the back gallery at Antler Gallery tonight! Work will be up until September 21st and all of the pieces are available to buy on line.


Garden Related Activities

Flower Garden



Good Morning!

Good streach
Brush lettering is hard and I can't be bothered to practice very much. I think this turned out okay, I know it's messy, but I think it works here.

I am obsessed with this song lately, it's calming to listen to in the morning.


Kids doing things

Gardening kids

Some recent drawings, trying to expand my portfolio of kids doing activities.


Work For Others: Seating Chart

Wedding Sky
Ursa Major
I designed this night sky as a seating chart for a wedding. The bride wanted the tables to be represented as constellations, then she was going to put the names on little flags pinned around them. The actual size once printed was 3x4 feet, which is not a comfortable size for me to work in & almost killed my computer, but otherwise it was really fun. I painted the constellation shapes in sumi ink then changed the color to white in photoshop but I absolutely loved how the originals look. I'm going to try painting with ink more again.



This is my Piece for the mythical sea creature show Unfathomable, with Antler Gallery & Piranha Shop, Seattle. I chose to do the half horse, half fish Hippokampoi (or Hippocampus, also the name for the actual seahorse. The funny thing about ocean life is the most crazy weird things you can think of probably already exist there.). I had so much fun painting that seaweed, I'll have to paint more in future. For more info, or to buy this piece visit Antler's website

I'll be in a few more shows with Antler this year to stay tuned!


Oh A Whim Fabric Design

I actually worked on this fabric design way back in 2013. It's for a small fashion label in Australia and they wanted a pattern with Australian wild flowers. It was really the first pattern I ever made and I learned a lot, but I really wish I'd had my tablet at the time it would have been so much easier! As you can see they've put the pattern to good use in this dress but they've also made tee-shirts & blouses and they're continuing to use it which makes me happy. 

(Thanks to Erin rom OAW for this photo!)


More Dogs & Bikes

Dog Bike4

Dogs & Bikes 5


Bright Agency

panther story

I am very excited to let you know that I am now represented by Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency! Bright handles not just children's books but also commercial illustration and art licensing so I am thrilled for what the future holds for both the growth of my work and my career.


A Few Garden Related Drawings

Herb Pots


Quilt Progress


Quilt progress

I thought I'd share some progress from the embroidery/quilt project I recently started. I got this idea when I discovered sashiko embroidery a few months ago on Pinterest. Sashiko is traditional form of Japanese embroidery involving a simple running stitch. The simplicity of style and color combined with beautiful repeating patterns appealed to me right away. I've wanted to start a project that would be creative, but not involved my usual work, and not be on the computer. I used to embroider a lot actually, some pretty complicated pictures, but that's not what I'm drawn to anymore and I just wanted something that involved less planning that I could just do meditatively.
Anyway, I guess what I'm doing with this project isn't traditionally sashiko, which is done in white thread on indigo died cloth. I chose to do an ecru white on plain linen, because I'm all about neutral colors right now, and I love linen. I also decided to make a small blanket because I wanted to make something useful to me. Just making a sampler seemed kind of pointless to me, and when I start something new I like to try something possibly overly ambitious.
I've never made a blanket before, so I kind of just muddled my way though, but I think it turned out okay. I ended up getting two pieces of fabric, cutting one slightly small than the other and then making a sandwich with cotton batting in the middle. Then I used the larger bottom fabric to come up over the top to make the binding. I ended up having to sew it together by hand because my old sewing machine couldn't handle all the layers. It took probably twice as long and is pretty messy, but I'm trying to just go with it, who needs perfection anyway? I don't want to make it too perfect, in fact I've noticed that the sashiko I like the most is the kind that's uneven and more freeform. That said I picked a fairly complicated repeating pattern and sketched it out in pencil and I am trying to be neat. I'm just not going to make myself crazy over it.
I've got just about 1/4 of the embroidery done but so far I'm really proud of just making the blanket part. Now I have all these ideas for more blankets and quilts I want to make! Well, we'll see, I'll try not to get too carried away until I actually finish this one.

I'll be sure to check back in with a progress report later on!