Tin House Book

If you follow me on Instagram you already know, I got my copy of Flair Fullers "Endless Number Days" a few months ago now. Yes that's my artwork on the cover! Both the people at Tin House and Clair herself told me how perfect this piece was for the book, like it had been made for it (it wasn't, actually it's from quite a few years ago), and having recently finished the book I have to agree it fits quite well.


Kitty Invite

Kitty Invite
This couple wanted their cats involved in their wedding invitation. This is probably my favorite invite I've ever designed for a client!

More like this please! If you want me to illustrate a quirky, personal wedding invitation for you get in touch! Or of course there are always my pre-designed ones too!.


Work for Others

millies dollhouse

nishitas blog

A few recent blog headers I've made for clients.



Tea cup

walking together

dog comments

Some recent random little things.



Wolf Panel
This piece is available to buy right now at now at Flower Pepper Gallery, either online or in person, as part of a cash and carry exhibit. It's done in watercolor and pencil on a wood panel. Watercolor isn't the easiest thing to work with on wood, but I think it came out pretty well!


New Prints!

New Prints
I just updated my shop with some new prints! Several were highly requested, so if you've been waiting on one be sure and check them out!
Morning, plants, & tea
Rainy day dogs

I also retired a few older ones. Don't worry though, if I've taken down one that you've now decided you can't live without, or if you've seen me post a piece recently that isn't currently a print, I can usually accommodate special requests. Just get in touch!



Mossy Hermit

Toast Hermit



If you follow my tumblr blog you'll have already seen these but I've been making some gifs recently. These are pretty simple, it still tasks all my brain power to figure out the correct layering to make them move. But I really like making them and I love the possibilities! It's a form of animating, without being completely overwhelming, and I feel like it's a little art form in it's own right. I've been really inspired by the gifs made by this artists. I want to work up to more complicated ones with more moving parts eventually, so stay tuned.


Alicia Gbur Photography

Alicia Gbur Photography logo
Another recent logo with image and lettering for Alicia Gbur Photography.



A few little warm up drawings from the last few weeks.


These Paper Hearts

TPH Header
I recently designed this blog header for the YA Book Blog These Paper Hearts. The proprietor of the blog re-designed her site around it and I think it looks lovely!


ETA In Frames

ETA piece framed

ETA piece framed
I framed my pieces for ETA this time in some lovely hand made frames I found on Etsy, from this seller.


ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17
Here are all my pieces for the upcoming Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta Gallery. You can buy them online here, or visit the gallery for the opening Friday February 6th in Portsmouth, NH!
The image area of each is about 3 inches and each has touches of gold leaf. I gave them all the most ridiculous names, but never mind!

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17

Piece for ETA 17


Crafty Animals

Art Star Spring Poster


I was about to post about the Spring poster I made for Art Star when I realized I never posted the Fall one! Here are both!


Fern Wedding Suite

Fern wedding invite
I've added a new customizable wedding invite set to my store. This one is inspired by the lush ferny forests here in the Pacific Northwest.
More info & buy them here

Fern Invites Suite

Fern rsvp & save the date



Website update
Gave my portfolio site a bit of a refresh over the holidays. Take a look see juliannaswaney.com


Christmas Postcard This Year

xmas postcard this year
Designed exclusively for my mom!


Friday Bits


Just some photos of recent things (which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram @ohmycavalier).

This film looks amazing. Or at least every interesting.


Flower Crown

Flower Crown


Friday Bits

Festive raccoon
A little festive raccoon.

Just a few Friday Bits:

♥I've got a little ways to go before 40 but definitely agreed with some things from this list "What You Learn in Your 40s", and was comforted by others.

Some good sense about cleansing.

Theory Of Everything podcast is doing a great series about the internet called "the dislike club". I'm feeling pretty burnt out by the web lately so this podcast is really speaking to me right now...