Necklaces for Art Star

Art Star Necklaces
I'm Super excited to finally be able to share this! Art Star was kind enough to approach me about teaming up to make some necklaces to sell exclusively with them. This is especially great as I recently decided that I may not be making brooches anymore because of time and material problems, and since they did all the production for these I didn't have to fight with epoxy like I was with the brooches! Anyway, I'm pleased with what they've come up with and I hope you are too! If you'd like to buy a necklace please visit the Art Star website, or visit their store in Philadelphia.


  1. these are so cute! i love the first one!

  2. Oh, Julianna, they are wonderfull ! BRAVO et belle journée. brigitte

  3. These necklaces are so wonderful!