Cards, Stamps, Envelopes

New Card Picture 1
Ever since I got my new camera I've been slowly trying to replace the photos of things in my store with better photos. The latest things to get some sprucing up were my cards, I did some simple styling with old stamps and hand lettered envelopes, which I always think looks like a nicer context than just a white background. (I also had fun creating the envelopes with names from characters in books and made-up addresses)
New Card Picture 2
New Card Picture 3


  1. Oh dear !
    These new photos are simply divine !
    I love how you associated the stamps with the image on the card :)
    x x x

  2. This is a beautiful post! I love the photos and your artwork OF COURSE!

  3. love this! i just found your blog, but i know i must have seen your work somewhere else before...perhaps in frankie magazine? either way - looks great! i love your style...

  4. love your cards and the photos look wonderful.

  5. one of my most favorite posts yet! i have to 'pin' the first photo on pinterest for my pretty parcels and packaging category :)

  6. your penmanship is really beautiful :-O