The Borrower Arrietty

I'm crazy about this movie right now, it's just fantastic and the animation is gorgeous. (I'm sorry this trailer is sort of weird but it's the only one with subtitles). It's loosely based on one of my all time favorite books The Borrowers by Mary Norton, and even though details of the plot are pretty different it's definitely the best film adaptation. On a side note, I'd love to do some illustrations for that book someday...

P.s. you can actually watch the whole movie here.


  1. Im so excited about this movie too! My daughter, who is four, loves all the Miyazaki movies (and we do too) they are always so amazing and detailed. thanks for the link!~

  2. We're totally obsessed with it here too. Each tile we watch it my heart beats faster, and I've seen it a lot already!

  3. This is so weird. I saw a poster for this on the underground yesterday and spent all night racking my brain to work out why the name Arrietty rang a bell with me, sure it was something from my childhood. Then this morning when I walked past the same poster I did a total forhead palm when I realised SHE IS A BORROWER DUUUHHHH and now I really want to see this film. I love a good Borrower!

    In other news I spent most of yesterday looking through your new broaches and have decided I need one for my winter coat. I mean I already have one on my winter coat but mayhaps I need a new one. OH YES!

    xx Di