Shop Update! Pt. 1

Bee Necklace
Bee Necklace close
Wood Thrush Brooch with striped ribbon
Part one of today's store update is new brooches, Hooray! And new this time I also made some necklaces to use up various supplies I had. I know I said I wasn't going to be making brooches anymore buuuut I had all these supplies still and didn't want to just let them go to waste. Also a big problem I was having with the epoxy before (and the reason I said I was done making them) is that it is light hardening & there just hasn't been any direct sunlight since about last August! I ruined so many in the last few months it was just making me crazy. However I think I mostly fixed some of the problems, it's still finicky and drives me a bit crazy, but it works much better in this sunny weather. I made a bunch that I'm going to put in the store now, and another batch I'll add a around the holidays.
Please click here to see all the brooches & necklaces.


  1. I love the calendar! I may just have to buy it hehe :D

  2. These look great! that calendar is amazing, and I love how summery and beachy that brooch is! I've made a few over the years, jewelry and epoxy-like supplies can be so fickle and weird. I havent found a good solution yet myself...

  3. These brooches are so precious, absolutely lovely! I especially adore the bee.