Problems of Rain
I had a little cleaning and organizing frenzy this weekend, and I feel great! I cleaned up my balcony, which has been kind of haphazard since I moved in, and got my plants ready for winter. I also found a beautiful antique table for next to nothing, and finally have a couch, so things are feeling very comfortable. (My only wish is that I could paint the walls white, alas renters can't have everything they want sigh). It was generally my favorite type of weekend, the kind where I don't work or feel guilty about not working, ha! And actually I did work a little bit.
Oh also, I finally watched Jane Eyre this weekend! it was lovely.


  1. It's really tempting to not use a bookshelf and just stack books everywhere sometimes... it sorta looks cool.
    My room will probably be very tidy this week since I'm avoiding study lol.

  2. Oh it's all so cozy and warm, and I think the wall colour is so lovely! (Of course white would be beautiful, too!) Happy weekending!! :)

  3. How in the world can a lady keep plants alive in winter? I have yet to achieve this goal.

  4. I agree some white on the walls would bring in so much light. I think sometimes it's more a concern about how professional the job will be for landlords, if you can reassure them with a professional company they might say yes!

    I have enjoyed your blog for a few years now and just joined as a follower. I would love to have you pop over to have a gander at my blog and art when you have time :-}


  5. what a beautiful hone you have! I can see how you would prefer lighter walls. Too bad your landlord doesn't see it that way. Still what a magical home - a reflection of your exquisite taste!

  6. Are you sure you can't paint? At my old place, which had really strict rules, it turned out you COULD paint if it was an approved color and/or if you were willing to paint it back before you move if the landlord was unsatisfied.

  7. Although I've been reading your blog for a while I've only just joined as a follower. I'm one of those people who like having my books on display (some people hide them away in cupboards, saying it looks messy!) and the best day in our new flat was when we bought and put up our bookshelves. After living there for a year with our books in boxes! Anyway, I like the peek into your home. And your drawing at the top. Sorry for the long comment! ~ Sara

  8. I love her dainty little feet! You make me in the mood for some of my own winter preparations with this post. :)
    Jess xx

  9. Your place is looking cute! I have to move soon, so I am taking notes.
    As for Jane Eyre....do you now have a lifelong crush on Michael Fassbender? I think he's just lovely!!