Green Things & some shop news

"Green Things" is becoming a regular feature on my blog I think. I can't help it, I love plants, especially this gray time of year. The sun has been out & its been warm the past few days & it's been refreshing to say the least, I'm really excited for spring.
I've been starting every morning with a green smoothy: coconut water, mango, celery, spinach, kale, ginger. So good!

Down to business: I'm afraid because the Post Office raised it's shipping rates I too have had to raise my shipping. Domestic orders and orders to Canada wont notice much, but international orders have gone way up, and I'm sorry for that!


  1. that juice looks amazing! and i hear you on the shipping rates, it's getting crazy!

  2. Love the muscari under the cloche!
    Oh, don't I know it...I'm considering if I can re-open my etsy shop at all. I am on maternity leave, and in the meantime, shipping prices sky rocketed. I always offered free shipping and I don't know if customers would be willing to pay the asking price now.
    It's really a shame about shipping costs, but I know that your paintings are so beautiful, if people want one, they will accept having to pay the extra dough.

  3. I love your "green" posts! I'll have to try your smoothie soon.