New Webite URL

New URL!
I've finally had my website switched over to www.juliannaswaney.com yay! (and thank you Lauren)
Hopefully this will make my actual website easier to find, and also help people associate my artwork to my actual name. I sort of want to leave Oh My Cavalier behind, as much as I can anyway what with my blog and shop going by that title (I sort of like my blog called something else, and I don't want to switch my shop again, I've already done it once).
It's been bothering me when I see my images on the web only credited to "oh my cavalier", like that is a brand or company, it's totally my fault of course, but I'd like to start trying to correct that.

Anyway if you have my website linked anywhere it would be so helpful if you would update your link. Eventually the old website will automatically redirect you, but it's still there for now. Thank you!


  1. Congratulations on your new website, it looks nice and clean! About the name: I see what you mean - I think you've found the right solution using your actual name for your website and keeping Oh my cavalier for the blog. It's a pretty cool blog name!

  2. Great idea! I'll correct the name on my blog roll right now.

  3. I did the same thing last year, switched over to my name... I don't think that is one decision an artist can regret because you can get tired of other names but your own name...well, it's your name! Then I keep my blog at katedolamore.com/blog so I can easily change the name of that if I ever want to and not go through the huge hoopla I just went through of changing eeeeeverything