Payne's Gray

star fox
Can you tell I got a new color of paint that I'm obsessed with? My last three entries have heavily featured it. I actually only use about 5 colors of watercolor and just use different shades of those colors or mix other colors that I might need from them. However I recently bought Payne's Gray just to play with and I love it. It's a mixture of gray and blue, so really it's perfect.
(by the way this little drawing is for sale in my shop)


  1. Being obsessed with a certain color is a good thing. Love the fox!

  2. Payne's Gray is one of my faves for landscapes.... can't beat it for misty days and to mix into the greens for treelines... I, too, limit my colors somewhat these days, its good to have close relationships with color I think.

  3. beautiful drawing..love the colour!

  4. I love Payne's Gray too! I just bought it back in Jan., because someone at the art store recommended it. I also upgraded to M.Graham paints (I heard it's like painting with gold). So far, I love it!
    Your drawing is beautiful!!