Well Dressed Wolf Logo

I'm so happy I can finally share one of the commissions I was working on recently!
Well Dressed Wolf Logo
The owners of this small children's clothing design label came to me with a whole character and back story behind their brand & they wanted their logo to illustrate that. Sometimes it's nice to work for someone who knows exactly what they want because it pushes me to do things I'm not comfortable with, drawing a wolf from head on so you can see that he's winking for instance. I'm really excited about how that turned out, "cheeky" is how the shop owners described him. Anyway they've incorporated him into a cute website, they're just getting up and running but if you're in the market for simple sweet children's clothing you may want to take a look:
The Well Dressed Wolf Shop

I thought you may want to see some of my process for this logo:
Early sketches
Rough draft and final wolf, testing colors
Some samples of options for the lettering


  1. love the one you chose, with the wink! I must say, however, that the other one with his nose in the air and walking on all fours does sort of cry out to have his own hit show, or at least a short story.

  2. I love your design! So adorable! I wish I had patience to do hand lettering, you are good!

    xx, C

  3. what a handsome guy your little fox is ...

  4. aaw, the way you make animals look is so adorable! :)

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