Other Work

I thought I'd share some drawings that I did unrelated to a show. I'm glad I have them now because I just got unexpectedly invited to do a show here in town at Lille Boutique in May. It's short notice but I'm happy to be able to keep the momentum of doing work for a show going, especially since I also have a show in June. If I have too long of a break between I procrastinate and over think, never good.
A Fright
Jam Melencolia


  1. I LOVE the puppet! These are wonderful!

  2. agreed. the puppet is so great, and slightly unusual from what you normally paint, which is ALL so wonderfully clever. so glad more shows are popping up for you! i find that the more work i try to get done, the more doors seem to open.

  3. Your work is incredible!!! I love all the new illustrations - you're so talented!

  4. I could see all of these fitting very well in the place we just had drinks! I had a script in my head of how I was going to tease you and tell you that I was going to go up to the busy bartender and say EXCUSE ME, you should have HER work on display here, and then tell them about certain famous people who are fans of your work.

  5. your work is so lovely and beautifully unique and imaginative. one of your paintings decorates in my tiny studio.


  6. I am delighted beyond words to have found you; your work is dazzling! xxx, j