Work For Others: Wedding invite for John & Heidi

John & Heidi's Wedding Invite
I'm happy I can finally show you this wedding invite I was working on a few months ago. I've done quite a few now and I think this may be my favorite yet!
As usual I just provided the artwork and they took care of the printing themselves, which I think turned out particularly well this time. A nice paper can make all the difference with how the finished piece looks.

 I actually love doing wedding invites, so if you have a big day coming up & you think you might be interested in getting a quote, get in touch! (My email is on the sidebar of my blog.)


  1. It looks great! I love your the illustration on the front.

  2. I love everything you do! This especially!

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  4. Wow.!! What a beautiful invitation. You are really great artist. You have amazing gift given by God. I love this cards and I'm sure others are also stunning and elegant. I promise, I'll contact to you, when I'll plan for my wedding.

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