Logo process

I thought it would be fun to show some of the designs I did on the way to the final version the the Naomi Ernst logo I posted a while back. First I just did a ton of sketches figuring out exactly the style of text she was looking for, these ended up being the ones we both liked the best, specifically the top one.

Next I did several variations of the text with the fox integrated into it. logo3 logo1
And with color logo2 new-logo-sketch2
In the end it was decided that it would be much of a pain to have to fit that curving text into all the printed material she wanted to use her logo on so we we went with a design that was straight across and centered. I really do love the curving text with the little fox fitted into it though!

 I have to say, when it comes to text and design I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! Everything I do I've pretty much taught myself and learned as I go along. I love doing it, it's like solving a puzzle and I think that I have okay intuition when it comes to designs themselves. Technically though I do almost everything by hand, with only some very rudimentary cleaning up in Photoshop, which means that a lot of my things have small imperfections. I hope that that makes them more interesting, but I've also been feeling really self conscious about it. I totally believe in my designs, but I do want them to get better.
I don't know where I'm going with this, except to say I've been having some career angst for about a year now and I'm not sure what to do about it! I want to get better at the things I do, and I want to do a lot of different things (which is part of the problem) but I don't know where to start. (Going back to school is not an option for me right now btw)

On a totally different note I went to see Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend and it was delightful!


  1. A quote I love, by Rebecca Moses states, "it's the imperfections that make the charm."

    I think you have good intuition with your work. So keep listening to it!

  2. I also like the logo with the leaping fox. Especially the 2nd to last version shown here - but maybe a bit too similar to your own??

    I too like those little imperfections and touches of humanhand that only hand-drawn illustrations and drawings can muster. I used to study architecture and we always drew our buildings by hand (no computer drawing for us!) - I loved the way that pencil and watercolour shading could make a plan/elevation so much more real to my mind than a computer-generated one - so yes, I'm with you very much on that one! It's good to keep improving, but don't loose that humaness that hand-drawing can evoke :)

    Your intuition is your best guide, for all the formal training you can receive :) Trust that.

  3. Oh you are way too hard on yourself! You are SO TALENTED and I think your illustrations and designs get better and better every day (each time you post something new I think "I love this one the most!"). The slight 'imperfections' are the perfect parts for me - they show that it's hand drawn and not digital and it looks wonderful. Just keep doing what you're doing - your work is amazing (and I'm sure all good artists are never quite satisfied and always striving for perfection - I think it's a perfectly natural feeling for you to have, but please know that we mere mortals are looking on at your work in absolute awe).

  4. You have such an amazing way with lettering! I'm trying to get better at it. You always do such an amazing job! And its fun to see how your thought process to the final selection came about.
    I know what you mean about fits and starts with your art business. I've felt the same way too. Its hard when its 100% on you-- the vision, the talent, the business planning. Its a lot of different hats to wear, and can sap creativity. Best of luck to you though, I know you'll find your way! You're doing such an amazing job so far!

  5. I love everything! (But, then again, I'm completely biased.)

    Gorgeous work!

  6. Julianna, your work is beautiful. I agree wholeheartedly with what Lea said about 'looking at your work in absolute awe'! - although I understand very well what you say about wanting to do too many things. I'm experiencing the exact same problem - but then again, maybe it isn't a problem? It could have been the opposite... creative ruts and all that. Best of luck organizing your ideas; I'm sure everything will fall into place eventually!
    Ps. my boyfriend also saw Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend; he liked it, too =)

  7. Hi! I'm just curious about what camera do you use to take your photos! The images are so great!

  8. I've admired your illustrations for years now and think your design sense is spot on. You bring such a sweetness and whimsey to things that make them truly irresistible and just plain interesting to look at. Imperfections are what separate are from design, IMHO.