Treavel Log pt.3: Point Reyes

  I specifically wanted to go to Point Reyes this time of year because I remembered the wildflowers being amazing when I was there a few years ago. I was not disappointed! At one point we were wading though a thicket of wildflowers up to our shoulders. Lucky for us it was a beautiful sunny day but very very very windy.

point-reyes3 point-reyes12 point-reyes5 point-reyes6 point-reyes7 We came around a corner in the trail at one point and there were all these white thistles. They looked like they'd been turned to stone except for their red hearts. Really beautiful! point-reyes8 point-reyes9At the very end of Tomales Point. This is Aradan almost getting blow over
point-reyes10 Cows met us on the way back to camp. It was a wonderful trip! I love Point Reyes and I'm sad we didn't have more time there. I'd like to go back and do a whole week there! And I wish we had more time in San Francisco, we definitely didn't have enough time there at all! (I didn't take very many photos in SF so I'll just put those in with another post)


  1. Found out the name of that thistle is a Venus Thistle. Of all the pictures that are out there about it I think you have the very best one!

  2. this looks so lovely that I wanna go there, too. NOW! :D <3

  3. whoa great, that thistles look like scince-fiction-plants, haha, never saw such!

  4. these landscape photos are beautiful! :) love the ocean shot!

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