Reading, A Show, &ct.

This is my mornings lately: Delicious late summer melon, good coffee, and a book I'm really enjoying. I've found that my quiet morning reading and tea/coffee drinking is essential to my heath and welfare, no matter how much I have to get done during the day.
Floating I did this piece for The BLAB Show, which just opened at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica CA. The theme of the show was "dreams" so I decided to revisit a theme I've done in the past. (I actually didn't know I was in this show until a few days before the piece had to be there, so I did this in one frantic day). The show is up though September if you want to visit it.
tomtoes I've been trying to ignore it but it's getting pretty obvious that fall is pretty much here. Autumn is my favorite season but I feel like summer just started it's gone by so fast! Oh well, the days are still warm and rain free and there is it so much to enjoy!


  1. OMG! You have the most beautiful hands!
    Great pictures and thoughts.

  2. i love that piece you did for the BLAB show! i live in hollywood, so i'll definitely try to hop over to santa monica to see it in person!