Autumn Things

pear-trees I had such a lovely and relaxing weekend! After a delicious breakfast at Pine State Aradan and I took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather we've been having here in Oregon and went apple buying in the Hood River area. squash ciderpress2 hot-pepers apples1 apples1 We stopped at a few farms but mostly got our apples at Kiyokawa Orchard since apples are sort of their specialty and they have so many verities. I think I got at least a few of most of them! apples9 I've been feeling too busy to really enjoy cooking lately, but I'm really looking forward to making this soup, and this pastry with all these apples.


  1. I'm always looking forward to weekends when I can get out of the city and 'play' in the fields and meadows at my boyfriends's. Blame you, now I'm even more country-homesick :)

  2. Hello Julianna!
    Your photos look great, and I love your work! I'm curious about what camera do you use! Can you tell me?

  3. these photos are all so great! I love the look of all this food.