Calligraphy Practice etc.

I've been wanting to get better at actual calligraphy, so I've been practicing a bit when I've had time over the last few months. You can see it put to use a bit on my new business cards (and on a wedding invite I hope to share in a few months).
I've found books to be mostly unhelpful, since I don't like most of the styles they teach. Maybe it's bad to not learn some of the fundamentals, but I'd rather spend the time practicing what I actually want to use. Basically this just means writing things over and over. I'm trying to work on creating a few different styles based on my own usual handwriting.

Though another blog I heard about this copperplate nib sampler, where you get one of each of some really nice pen nibs. I'm pretty excited about this one with the crook that makes it amazingly easy to write at a perfect slant! My other favorite is the Zebra nib.

calligraphy-pens1 calligraphy-pens3
I've had these antique pen nib boxes for a while, and they are some of my favorite possessions. I keep my favorite nibs in them. I love lettering and little details on them.

I'm still away from Portland few more days, but I've opened my store back up, and I'll be back to work on Monday!


  1. Oh wow, I love your typography, it seems like you can do it so flawlessly! You have inspired me to practice my own :)

    1. Oh far from it:) A big part of what I'm working on is trying to make it consistent, right now it's pretty all over the place.
      Yeah practice is the only way to get better! Good luck!

  2. So beautiful, I am in awe that you can bring those antique nibs to life again, they bring such a special heart to your work! Reminded me to get practicing on my own calligraphy - although I don't expect such results!
    Happy New Year!


  3. Your handwriting is so nice! I've taken more of a hand-lettering approach to my project this year, and perhaps caligraphy will be something to look into but I'm always more than a little scared of nibs. Somehow I just don't know how to use them well.

    I am so excited to see what you come up with!!

  4. Such beautiful and delicate hand writing. You have very much inspired me this morning. I also love the old boxes the nibs come in. Where did you come across them?

    1. I just found them at antique stores. I don't think they're that valuable or rare or anything, you could probably find some similar if you look around a bit:)

  5. Beautiful writing! I love pen nibs, I have a little selection of them. I'm hoping to incorporate more hand lettering into my work this year :)

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  7. Looks great! And I agree, both the Mitchell elbow nib and the Zebra Comic G nib are super! They are definitely my favorites.

  8. I'm here a lot: http://www.iampeth.com/lessons.php
    No school like the old school. :)

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