Little Friend

I took about forty-nine-thousand pictures to get this one slightly blurry photo of the amazing face of this little guy. On rainy days he likes to visit my feeder, then sit on a tiny branch right outside the window in front of my desk. Even on the darkest days when he turns the right way in the light his whole head is this brilliant flash of magenta. It always cheers me up.
Plus he is very fierce and has a vendetta against all other hummingbirds who try to eat from my feeder (except for some females) & is constantly fighting, and I am sure it's very serious business, but it's also adorable.

(I believe this is an Anna's Hummingbird. Click on the photo to see it larger)


  1. His magenta hat in the grey of it all would definitely cheer me too. What a cute fella!

  2. he is soooo precious!
    i'd like to see more birds from my house... :)