Twig Foxes

Twig Fox Running
Because I still haven't finished posting the drawings from my show last month here are few more Twig Foxes and a deer.

If you ever see a piece here that you would like to be able to buy as a print in my store please let me know! I'm going to do a big update of prints in my store in the near future and I'd love your input on what to offer!
Twig Fox at Rest
Runnin Deer


  1. Oh my goodness Julianna, I LOVE your twig foxes. My favourite animal AND flora?? Swoon. I would definitely be interested in buying a print of one of the cheeky little devils. Do you still offer jewellery decorated with your illustrations?

    Thanks for sharing,
    Kate (long time admirer of your work and embroidery artist)

  2. Your paintings are always lovely!

  3. I would loooove you to put the girl fallen asleep at the table as a print. Or any of your new pics that are using that amazing dark green colour. I'm loving your latest pictures :)