Tea Room

I'm back home in Portland now, but I had a great time at my parents! We did a lot fun and relaxing things but one of my favorites was visiting a fancy little tea room near where they live in Michigan, because you know, I love doing anything that old ladies like to do. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my updates from there, I really wish I'd taken more pictures with my camera because it was such a beautiful place.
Lilacs were still out in the Midwest so I got to enjoy them a second time.

It's a holiday here today so I'm going to spend today watching the new season of Arrested Development, how about you?


  1. That tearoom looks absolutely gorgeous! My local tea room is all country style and cozy, I would love to visit one with such high ceilings and lovely decorations!

    sage and spice

    1. There is another one in the area that is more cozy, I was super excited to find out about this one though!