Animation Love

I've been absolutely in love with the show Mushi-shi for a few years now. I has an atmosphere that is haunting and melancholy and mysterious, and the animation is just beautiful. Mushi are supposed to be creatures that are part plant & part animal, they have a multitude of forms and usually they're not doing any good for humans, but they're always interesting.
A lot of the atmosphere is created by the soundtrack for sure.


  1. these are lovely! have you watched any miyazaki films? spirited away is my favorite, but they're all wonderful. i also love howl's moving castle, princess mononoke, ponyo, kiki's delivery service. i think you'd really like them.

    1. Oh yes, I love his films:) My Favorite is "NausicaƤ", closely followed by "Princess Mononoke".

  2. I'm there with you ^_^ Incredibly love the music and the way it is drawn. And the Mishi creatures are simply beautiful! I have the scans of Mushi dictionary too ;) It's all in Japanese but I adore looking through it anyway!

    *Princess Mononoke was the first anime I ever seen. And I was totally captured by the story and the animation.*

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