Friday Bits

To Do lists
A friend was teasing me a while back because she said I always make my To Do lists look pretty. It's something I started to do unconsciously I guess because I hadn't really noticed until she pointed it out! It's only the top part that says "to do" actually, the rest of it is scribbled, added onto, crossed out, etc. I think I may have started to do that so it would get my attention because it's easy to ignore To Do list when they're laying around on a desk, especially when they're written on scrap paper. A nice To Do list is very calming to me (I usually have several going at once, relating to different work and life things...), and really I spend so much time with them why shouldn't they look nice!

I'm still traveling until Wednesday, and hopefully having a great time! I hope you've had a nice week and a lovely weekend!


  1. Haha! I am the same way. My lists are always filled with drawings and doodles. Guess it just makes it easier to look at...

  2. You should make a To Do List pad to sell in your shop!

  3. I love this. I'm always writing 'to do lists'. I need to make mine pretty like yours x