Friday Bits

Summer Shawl
I have now lived away from my cat for four years and I've had enough! My new obsession is to be able to move to an apartment where pets are allowed and to bring her out (she's been living at my parents). Sigh, we'll see. I'm not even looking right now. Apartment hunting is...not fun., it takes some mental preparation and determination.

How about an all cat related Friday Bits post!

♥ I'd like to curl up with a cup of tea and this friend.

♥ There are all kinds of good cat Pinterest boards. This one is a favorite.

♥ I can't help it, this cracks me up whenever I see it.

♥ This is one of my all time favorite cat pictures this picture. Too. Much.

This compilation of animals (mostly cats) trying to sit in small spaces

Kitty City, it's so weird and I totally love it.

Okay, have a good weekend everyone, and if you have a cat give them a scratch under the chin from me!


  1. HA! I just watched that Kitty City thing and it's hysterical. I will now proceed to forward that to all my friends. Thanks

  2. Thanks for this. Cheered me up!

  3. Oh dear! Its so hard to be apart from furry family members. I assume you've already explored this option...but our most ill-tempered of landlords have been won over with a humble heart to heart (& sometimes a damage deposit offer.) And they really don't want to lose a friendly tenant who looks after their joint and pays on time.

    1. Well, the other part of it is I currently live in a one room studio apartment and I really need a place with a few rooms. I love my cat but she loves to tear apart paper. I really need to be able to shut her out of the room where I work or she will destroy all my paper by chewing on it!

    2. I see your dilemma. Cats+paper=mayhem. That's a pickle. My little lucifer once shredded some freshly printed photographs as they were unsuspectingly drying. Nobody tells you about these kinds of challenges with running a small business. Meow :(

  4. Cory and I have been DYING to adopt two cats. I grew up with cats so it has been tough not having any the past few years. Hopefully it will happen this coming year...