Friday Bits


I recently found a bunch of food pictures on my phone that I'd forgotten about. So many delicious memories!

Incase you missed it on Facebook I want to let you know that I decided to open my Etsy shop again, just through the holiday season. So if you plan go on an Etsy buying spree this year now it will be easy for you to get my prints in the same place!

And now some Friday bits of things:

♥ Im already so excited for the new Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel!!
Before They Pass Away is a beautiful photo project focusing disappearing tribes and peoples around the world.
Maurice Sendak on Being a Kid
♥ I love this owl lamp Halloween decoration, I saw one in the window of a house when I was taking an evening run the other day and now I want one!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah! I can't wait for that film either. I totally want a poster of that beautiful pink hotel...

  2. Your meals look so elegant!! And I did not know that there was already a trailer for the Grand Budapest!! Thanks bunches for that link...I'm so excited to see!! Hooray & Happy almost-all-halloa's-eve time to You!!