March Showers

There is a lovely rain falling as I type up this post, just like in this picture. It's really really started to feel like spring time all the sudden! The few minutes of extra light we get every day have really started to green things up, and even though it's not that cold here most of the time, it still feels really good.

For most of February I was beavering away, finally chipping away at some projects I've had in mind for a while, working on some projects for other people, making drawings I liked and drawings I hated, and generally trying to keep that February feeling at bay, somewhat successfully. I have to say I'm glad we're moving on to real spring, just in time.

February forest walk
I took a walk in Forest Park a few weekends ago, it was still pretty cold, but beautiful.

I have a piece in a show opening this week, above is a peek at it in progress. And some enchanting snowdrops I came across.


  1. I love your March Showers drawing! The longer days are lovely aren't they? It's getting very springlike here in the UK this weekend too. :)
    Jess xx

    1. Thanks:)
      I have a feeling we have pretty similar weather to the UK in a lot of ways here in Oregon! (Maybe slightly drier summers though.)