New Note Cards

I'm happy to say that I finally have some new note cards available in my store, finally! I say finally because I meant to have new note cards ready sometime last year, and then right after I spent forever working on them and had all the designs just right my hard drive crashed before I could back them up and I lost them all! Like, it literally crashed the day after I finished them. I decided to take a break from that hot mess because just thinking about it filled me with anguish. I decided to come back to them and start all over a few months ago and I've slowly come up with some designs that I really love, even more than the original lost designs. I wanted to make some cards that were for specific occasions rather than blank, and i wanted them to be clean and simple, but colorful and fun. I think these succeed! Let me know if you like them!
Teacup birthday Note Card
Balloon Greeting Note Card
Merci Cat Note Card
Kitty Birthday Note Card
Birthday Bear Note Card
Big Cat Love Note Card
Bonjour Fox Note Card


  1. A day after tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and I was thinking to purchase some cards for him but after viewing your cards now I have changed my mind now I will design card by myself. Your cards designs are awesome!!!

  2. Just lovely! You totally accomplished what you were going for.