Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Prints!

New Print!
"Anxious Cat" now available as a print!

I added all these prints to my store over the weekend, plus several more.

New Print!
"Gray Rain"
New Print!
"Brother & Sister"
New Print!
"Friendly Beasts"

I'm doing the images in a different way as well! I think they look cleaner and clearer than photos. Let me know what you think, are they better/not better?


  1. Your illustrations are so sweet and beautiful!! I love your work :)

    The images do look much cleaner, and the background you chose looks good too.. Its always hard to find a nice, non distracting background for art!
    <3 Patricia

    1. Thanks:) Glad you like the new images too!

  2. The image you put up is not Friendly Beasts.

  3. It is better! Your art is the perfect balance of whimsy and beauty!