Friday Bits

A few things from June...
Finally read the original book of one of my favorite films and was not disappointed (yes I know this is the opposite of the way you're supposed to do things, but I can't help that I saw the movie first!)

Friday Bits:

♥ Definitely my favorite beauty blog right now. I love that she keeps things minimal.

MOUNTAIN. I want to play this at some point. Maybe when the weather gets too HOT to work, like it's supposed to next week.

Song of the Sea, a new film from the creators of The Secret of Kells! SO excited for this.

♥ Must make this One Bowl Chocolate Cake soon.

♥ Live in Iowa? You can now buy my prints in person at the great store Domestica in Des Moines!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh my, thank you for sharing that beauty blog!! I'm off to read every single post...

    1. Oh! I'm surprised you weren't already reading that one, it seems right up your alley! Glad I could share that, it's great:)