Friday Bits

Made this chocolate cake I posted about a few Fridays ago. Omg so delicious and no fuss.
Made a point of searching out a swimming spot last weekend. We got so lost trying to find it but it was worth it I think. We'll be camping with some friends around there next weekend, I can't wait!

Friday Bits:

♥ Since I'll be camping soon here is my picnic/camping Pinterest board. It's my goal to be fancy all the time, even while camping.

Hayao Miyazaki's 50 Recommended Children's Books

♥ Finally every episode of The Simpsons is going to be online.

♥ Mmm, this Coconut Chai Lemonade sounds delicious.

This makes me laugh a lot. Oh cats.


  1. That cake looks heavenly! Yum! And what a lovely swimming spot :)

  2. what a beautiful place for a swim..have fun camping with your friends!