Go-To Salad

I think I may have posted this recipe as part of a Friday list, but I'm posting it again because it is my go to for lunch. It's from the blog Whats Cooking Good Looking and I make it all. the. time. Usually I can make it on a Sunday evening and have it ready to eat for lunch every day for the whole week, without having to take extra time to stop and make something and getting out of the flow of work. It's also easy to modify, it calls for barely but I've used ferro and in the notes she says you can use quinoa. When I made it recently I used parsley instead of spinach and added some flaxseeds I'm actually not such a fan of leaf-only salads, they can feel unsatisfying, whereas a grain based salad can keep me going though the afternoon. Especially if I'm going running in the evening.

I've seriously been making this salad weekly or every few weeks for months now and I'm not tired of it yet! Recipe here.