Friday Bits

Inspired by this I decided to try and make my own pompom garland. The results are...not all I could have hopped. Partially at least because I didn't get enough colors. Well it's still a work in progress, I need to fill up that string more I think, it looks a little sad. And I finally learned that making your own pompoms is indeed pretty easy and fun.

Friday Bits:

Beautiful and amazing.

♥ I've been making my way though the two seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries that are on Netflix. At first I felt pretty ho-hum about it "oh another lady detective. And she's a flapper Yawn." But no! Phryne Fisher is a truly independent modern woman, and a glamorous bad-ass, and I love her.

♥ Also Bee & Puppycat. I loooove it!

♥ I can't wait to make this cake.

This makes total sense.

Current song I'm listening to over and over.

Have a nice weekend! And if you're doing some shopping this weekend, remember to use the code NOVEMBERFEELS in my shop for 20% off your order though Monday!