I recently decided to get myself one of the more introductory priced drawing tablets from Wacom, just to kinda play with and do some experimenting (I got the Intous pen & touch, incase you're wondering. Used to be called the Bamboo). It definitely takes some practice to get used to drawing with it, and it will never take the place of my main drawing practice with pencil and watercolor on paper, but I think it will work out perfectly along side it. You can download great brushes that have beautiful hand drawn looks and textures, which has been a lot of fun to play around with! It's also so nice to be able to just erase things or change a color in a few seconds. Anyway, these are some of my early experiments
Tablet experiments
Tablet drawing #2
Flower pattern

Also just a heads up, I'm going to start a sale in my store starting on Friday though December 1st, so check back in Friday for the details on that!

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