February Favorites

quince & crochet

Beauty: It's still a relatively new part of my routine so it took some getting used to but I've really come to love spritzing my face with the Andalou Rose Floral Toner.

Food: Salmon. All month A. and I having been going for a run on Saturdays and then going to the conveyer belt sushi place a few blocks away just to sit at the bar and eat plate after plate of salmon nigiri.

Reading: Really enjoyed The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg (more soon in my monthly reading list post).

Music: Cannot stop listing to ODESZA, especially this song, and this one. Also really loving this song by SZA.

Watching: I've still been trying to read in the evenings rather than putting on a show, but I still like to watch something while I eat dinner so I try to put on something short. I've been in the mood for either Bob's Burgers or Bee and Puppycat this month, both are so good and weird and make me laugh.
Youtube-wise been loving the videos from the beauty Youtuber l'amour et la musique this month. I've also really enjoyed discovering Chef Julie Yoon. Much like beauty videos I find watching cooking videos to be really soothing, and I love her happy energy!

Etc: My other favorite thing this month has been enjoying all the wonderful flowers and sunshine! Spring is about a moth earlier than it usually is, god knows what the rest of spring will be like if everything has already bloomed in February, but it sure is lovely out there right now.

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