April Favorites

nettle tea and salad

Beauty: Badger Sunscreen. I decided to try out a natural sunscreen. I grew up on natural sunscreen and I always thought it was greasy, but Badger is not! It's actually more like a balm and it smells wonderful (even though the kind I have it technically unscented). The only thing is it does leave a white cast unless you really spend some time working it in, and it will not come off your skin unless you use really hot water and soap. I guess that's good if you sweat, but it's a little alarming to be in the shower and just have water beading off your skin.

Food: Roasted radishes. I had some as part of a dish at a restaurant a few weeks ago. I always forget you can roast them but they are so good that way and I prefer that to their raw form.
I also started drinking nettle tea after reading that it's a good source of iron, which I always need more of. Not that's it's as concentrated but I thought this would be a more pleasant way to get it than pill form. Currently I'm using the teabags above, but I want to get some dried leaves from the farmers market soon.

Reading: Take Courage blog's Japan travels posts, dreaming of my own trip someday.

Watching: Amazing hummingbirds.

Music: New Lord Huron! I hope no one who lives in my building as head me playing it over and over, and over. That's would be embarrassing.

Etc: I started following more "minimal living" Youtube channels this month. They're nice to watch for inspiration and I just love getting a peek inside other peoples lives. Some favorites so far are this one and this one.

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