"Skin Cleanse" and Minimizing My Skin Care


This book just happened to come on my radar right about the same time I as I was starting to think about cutting back on my skin care products and trying to live more minimally anyway, so of course the premise intrigued me.

Overall Skin Cleanse an easy fun read that advocates a more holistic approach to skin care, taking into account the effect food, lifestyle, and too-many products can have on your skin.
A big chunk is given over to nutrition information, which isn’t anything new, basically don’t eat junk & eat more leafy greens. I do think she does a good job of saying everyone’s skin is different and you should find out what works for you, though keeping a food journal and so on. She also includes some info on basic skin function, skincare, and some recipes.

For me this was mostly a motivational read and I cut back drastically on the things I was putting on my skin while reading, which I’d been planning to do already. I’ve noticed that my skin has had way more problems as I’ve started using more products over the last couple of years. I realized my skin was way happier back in the days when I used to just splash my face with some water in the morning and call it good.

While I’ve overhauled my skin regime I’m not exactly going product free, just simplifying. Simplifying appeals to me anyway, both ascetically and financially! I like the idea of not being obliged products and I’m getting more and more interested in making my own, so expect more of my DIY adventures here in future!

Currently my skin care looks like this:
AM: cleanse with water. Sprits my face with rosewater OR apple cider vinegar (I am slightly obsessed with ACV right now!). Apply argon oil. Apply SPF if leaving the house that day. Get on with life
PM: Cleanse with oil (still using Origins, but will switch to something cleaner/more simple when that runs out. Probably safflower?). Sprits face with rosewater or ACV. Apply argon oil and REN eye cream. THE END.

So far this is working out! All over little bumps have gone away completely (also a major help with this has been finding an spf face cream that my skin likes). I still get some hormonal outbreaks around my jaw, but they are manageable and it's way less stressful since I know why they are there and what is causing them.

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