Oh A Whim Fabric Design

I actually worked on this fabric design way back in 2013. It's for a small fashion label in Australia and they wanted a pattern with Australian wild flowers. It was really the first pattern I ever made and I learned a lot, but I really wish I'd had my tablet at the time it would have been so much easier! As you can see they've put the pattern to good use in this dress but they've also made tee-shirts & blouses and they're continuing to use it which makes me happy. 

(Thanks to Erin rom OAW for this photo!)


  1. This is so, so lovely (And SO SO neat!) It makes me swoon!! I've been wanting to make some fabric over at spoon flower (for years now….my to-do list is ever-growing, tee hee) and use it to make a frock of some sort. Congratulations on all your beautiful new endeavors, Julianna!

  2. Gorgeous pattern. So awesome to have your design on clothing!