I've been feeling bad about not updating this blog, but I just haven't felt very motivated to do so most of the summer. A lot of it has to do with not feeling like sitting on the computer editing photos. I do want to keep posting here about various things I'm up to, I do need to remember to take more photos when I'm actually out and about doing things though.
Well, here is a short recap of some things from the last few weeks anyway:

These were some of my favorite things in late July/August:
• Arnica cream for my poor tired muscles after running.
• Rosewater for my face.
• Figs (amazingly like jam inside!)
• A new tea from one of my favorite tea companies. This tea has lavender and bergamot together, it's like it was made for me.
• I read all of Willa Cather's Prairie Trilogy this summer. I would describe all as very moving, this was my favorite.

I had a show at one of my favorite galleries here in town. It was a nice break from my other illustration work. Also, while it was hot I finally got some shave ice, sadly only once but I could eat it every day if that food cart was nearer my house.

I've been eating very well, mostly vegetables, but I always try to find time for baking. I finally found a good biscuit recipe. These are another thing I could eat every day, but it's probably better to only have them on the weekends

It was too hot for this for a few months but the weather turned cooler recently and it immediately made me want to make stock.

I went on several hikes to waterfalls, because that's the best place to hike when it's hot.

I didn't get to pick any lavender myself this summer, but lucky for me my friends picked me some!

I finally made my own soy wax candles, hooray! I can't wait to fill my apartment with affordable candles this Fall.

I told myself when I started this blog that I wouldn't keep it up if I didn't feel like it, so I might take breaks here but I'm feeling a little more inspired lately so I'm going to try and get back into a posting routine.

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