My DIY Face Oil Etc

I finally got around to making my own facial oil. Argon oil, rosehip oil, and frankincense essential oil are all supposed to do wonders for the skin. I'm particularly interested in keeping my skin looking smooth, plump, and healthy for as long as possible, with minimal effort and money. I figured making my own mixture would be the most cost effective, since you can buy all these ingredients at pretty affordable prices and they last a long time.

Rosehip oil: is fast absorbing, extremely high in essential fatty acids, hydrating, and is supposed to be great for fighting aging skin. It's also a dry oil that is quickly absorbed.
Argon oil: Again, high in fatty acids, very hydrating and great to fight signs of aging. Also light and easily absorbed.
Frankincense Essential Oil: promotes healthy skin cell regeneration and is supposed to be the best to treat wrinkles, signs of aging and sun damage.

I wasn't very scientific about the mixture. It's about half and half with the oils and a few drops of the frankincense because it's quite strong. I got the rosehip oil and frankincense at Mountain Rose Herbs, the prices seem to be slightly better than retail and they have an amazing selection of ingredients.

I also thought I'd include my foot soak in with this post
This summer my feet started to totally self destruct. Too many years of wearing bad shoes with no soles and no support finally caught up with me I guess. At one point the outside of my left foot turned purple after walking all day in sandals, I was hobbling around for a few days and had to take a break from running, I'd never had that happen before and it got my attention. Anyway, besides getting some better summer sandals, I've also taken to soaking my feet several times a week in a warm epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and great for soothing aches and pains, so I figured it can only be good for my feet. I also add some tea tree EO into the water for it's antibacterial properties, and lavender for it's antibacterial properties and soothing scent.
In some ways a nightly foot bath makes me feel so old, but also, whatever. My feet do so much for me and I've always and taken them pretty much for granted, they deserves a nightly soothing soak in warm water and hopefully they'll serve me well for another 30+ years.

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