January Favorites


I'm going to try and make a list of things I'm into every month, loosely keeping to a few categories. We'll see how it goes, there are a lot of months where I'm just not into new things! I'm also going to post what books I've read every month, but in a separate post.

Beauty: Making diy face masks with honey and add ins like yogurt, turmeric or cinnamon

Food: I've been making and eating a lot of Veg Shepard’s pie. It's so comforting in cold weather & one batch can feed two people for days.

Reading: Deuce Cities Blog. Since buying a house I've gotten obsessed with a few home-fix-up type blogs. They are usually more down to earth and have a lot of DIYs. So many ideas!!

Watching: Shakespeare's Mother The Secret Life of a Tudor Woman

Music: Adele's song “send my love to your new lover”. There's just something about this song that is so fun and I love it.

Podcast: Gilmore Guys. It's pretty funny (though it can get annoying) and it's nice to go though the episodes without having to actually watch them (because I need to sit at my desk and draw, not because I don't want to watch them!)

Home: My new geode, pictured above. Soo sparkly.

What things have you been into this past month?


  1. I would love to make Shepard's Pie, it sounds so cozy. I have been making crockpot beef stew but more vegetarian dishes would be good.

    Have you watched any of Lucy Worsley's British history shows? She can be entertaining. I also like Alys Fowler for gardening (check out her Edible Garden series on YouTube).

    Rosehip seed oil is my face's new BFF. I can't believe I was so concerned about putting it on my face. I also put some on the backs of my hands before bed. I also mist rose hydrosol on my face after I wash it.

    1. I love Lucy Worsley! I can't wait to watch some of those Alys Fowler vids, sounds right up my ally!

      What rose hydrosol do you use?

    2. Alys Fowler is so good, you'll like her!

      Right now I'm using the rose hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs which is where I order most of my DIY beauty stuff. It has more of a green or garden-y smell (less perfumey) which I didn't expect but I don't mind it and it's cheap. I also have one from Mullein & Sparrow which has rose essential oil added so it has a stronger rose fragrance (I haven't used it on my face yet). My all time favorite though is the rose and jasmine hydrosol from Evan Healy. It's expensive but smells like heaven!!

    3. I've been wanting to try an Evan Healy hydrosol that's why I asked! Everyone seems to rave about them! Well, maybe I can treat myself one day:)