February Favorites

Evergreen Clematis
Evergreen Clematis
Not many favorite things this month! Really there was only one favorite in February for me and that was working on getting a garden going and doing some "landscaping" around the house, so stay tuned for a post on that!

Food: Oranges. February is the prime citrus month. A friend was driving though from California to Seattle and gave us a bag of fresh oranges, they were so amazingly good!

Watching: The Great British Garden Revival! I love it.

Music: Seaside Town by Baths. He uses samples from Kiki's Delivery Service, it makes me sooo happy & cheerful

Listening: The Sporkful podcast

What were some of your favorite things from February?


  1. Favorite things from February:

    Lavender lotion for my hands and face.
    Debussy's "Water Music" from the baby's swing.
    Blood oranges from the market.
    My mother's soft, white yarn.
    Holding baby close and singing songs.

    It was a wonderful February for me.

  2. Oranges! I haven't had oranges for ages, no idea why. I suppose I just forgot all about them!xx

    1. Haha, well get some, they're still in season!

  3. Thanks for the tip on The Great British Garden Revival! I was looking for a replacement for The Great British Baking Show and here it is, yay!