In The Garden

We've been putting in a ton of work in the garden! In the last month and a half we've put in a raspberry bed and trellis, raised beds for veggies, and we just finished up two cold frames. I also planted all the blueberries that I had been grown in containers the last few years in the front of the house (not pictured because the front is still pretty rough looking tbh). I am just so excited to have a yard and to be able to grow all the things! I'm a menace and I need to be stopped from going to Portland Nursery any more. I keep buying fruit bushes!

Anyway, I know it still looks pretty bare, but it's only March and my over all plan is to really fill it out with native (and some non native) shrubs and small trees and plants for birds, and food plants for our selves. Seeds are coming up nicely in the beds right now, I'm growing peas, radish, turnips, beets and fava beans (which I've never grown before, exciting!). Those trellises are covering them to keep cats out, the jerks.


I hope the rhubarb will be okay where it is but I wouldn't be surprised if I have to move it now that we have these cold frames in place.

I am so excited about them, though of course their real use will start around October. I saw some cold frames on Printerest built using recycled windows, and I was determined to make something similar. After a fruitful trip to the ReBuilding Center we had two identical windows (for $6 total!!) to get the specs to design the frame & buy lumber. That was followed by three weeks of rain, so we only just finished these up last weekend. I think they look soo good but I have to give all credit for design and construction to Aradan

Evergreen Clematis
Evergreen Clematis
Evergreen Clematis growing on the front porch, smells so good.

So that's what things are looking like for now. I can't wait to see what it looks light at the height of summer!

Do let me know how your garden is shaping up this spring!


  1. Wonderful and exciting!! For me the best part of buying a home was having my own garden. It's SO much work but very rewarding too. What are you going to plant against those trellises on the fence? Your raspberries are looking really good. I was going to build a support system like that after I watched an old Martha Stewart video but was too overwhelmed by other tasks to get to it so I just corral the canes with cattle fencing once they reach about 3' (seems to work ok). This is the 3rd spring in our house and thankfully we won't be planting so many perennials this year. I've so enjoyed the daffodils come up especially after all the rain this winter. I sowed poppy seeds outdoors today and plan to do more. Do you plan to plant any flowers?

    1. Nice! I'm planning to plant a lot of daffodils this Autumn as well. I've got a ton of sunflower, bachelors buttons and some other things started as seeds in the front of the house where there is more sun, I hope they will fill some space until I can fill in (slowly) with more permanent plants. I haven't fully decided about the trellis in the back yet! Possibly passion flowers? Thanks for sharing about your garden:)