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Skin things
Skin Treats: I treated myself to a few new skin things lately. I recently ran out of calendula salve, since I put calendula on every kind of skin irritation, and this one from Bodycentuals caught my eye at the store. It has very minimal organic ingredients, and I believe the company has it's own calendula farm and harvests it's own beeswax (and in the PNW no less), which appeals to me. I also got their Organic Neroli + Aloe Hydrating Facial Mist since I just ran out of my homemade toner and I wanted to try something new. Again this has minimal ingredients, it also smells wonderful and I felt like the price was pretty reasonable.

Rabling Rose tea cold care
Rambling Rose Tea. I recently did some branding work for a friend-of-a-friend who makes and sells herbal teas. She grows most of the flowers and herbs she uses on her farm in Oregon and isn't it just beautiful looking tea? She's gifted me several and just looking at her beautiful blends & knowing they were grown and made with such love and care makes me so happy!

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