Freshly Painted Studio

Studio 1

Studio 2

We finally had the time and energy to paint my studio! When we moved in and the past few months it was a dark blue, which wasn't bad at all & was fine to live with for a bit, but having rented for years my dream is to have all light colored walls! Actually most of the house is already painted a lovely light warm grey, and there were a few buckets left in the cellar, just enough to paint my studio. We also painted the door and all the trim around the windows etc fresh white. Now it feels so much more open and cheerful!

This is only step one in making the studio of my dreams, which is why it looks so bare I suppose, the arrangement is workable but temporary. Next on the agenda:
- A new desk. I've been drawing at that drop leaf table for years, and it works fine but it's less than ideal. Because it has a curved edge and a seam in the middle the actual working area is tiny.
- I'm not crazy about that big shelf unit. It's very useful, but I'm not sure it's really the most convenient way to store the things I need. I'd like to figure out a better system, but I have to think on what that might be for a while.
- I'd like to get some plants and a comfortable chair to put in the corner for times when I don't need to be at my desk.

Long term I want to strip the wallpaper (yep that's wallpaper under that paint) and to strip and refurbish the windows (something we want to do to the whole house) but that's a big job so it'll be a few years down the road. In the mean time I love my studio and I'm just so happy and lucky to have a room to work in that isn't also my bedroom/living room/dining room/kitchen as well!




  1. Your studio looks beautiful, calm and cozy. <3

    1. yes, that's exactly how I want it to feel, glad it comes across:)

  2. I love that gray! Much more airy. I find organizing a studio/office to be a real challenge. One of the things I love is my antique thread cabinet. It has wide, shallow drawers that are perfect for arranging/viewing art supplies and storing paper. I have it near my desk so I can easily access my stuff. The cabinets are hard to find and can be expensive though. (Mine was a gift.) If you don't mind the white Ikea look, I did see something similar there in the office section.

    1. Ohh, lucky! I do prefer antique furniture. In my dreams I'd love an antique flat file, but I doubt that will ever happen!

  3. LOVE that gray...what is it called? What brand?

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