Favorite Documentory Series

Rabbit Dawn

I wanted to share a few of my all time favorite documentary shows. I'm mostly a fan of history series, and mostly BBC. When I find one I like I tend to watch it over and over, often I'll put them on in the background while I'm doing other things. Many of these can be found on Youtube.

Tales From the Green Valley: A group of historians and archeologists live for one year on a farm as if it's the 17th century. A real favorite around here, both my boyfriend and I love this show. We've re-watched it a million times, it's so cozy and comforting and just nice.

Edwardian Farm: Similar to the above show, only in the Edwardian era. It also has some of the same people, and the same cozy vibe, though it's different in other ways. There are actually a few more in this "series" but I think this is the best besides Tales From The Green Valley.

Victorian Kitchen Garden: Made in the early 80's this series attempts to run a manor house kitchen garden as it would have been in the victorian era. Another super cozy, but very informative show. I learned to much! For instance the Victorians had special tools for everything, even harvesting asparagus. (there are also two more in this series, Victorian Kitchen and Victorian Flower Garden, both also great!)

The Day The Universe Changed: Another great series from the 80's, this program is a little hard to describe but I'd say it focuses on history and science and the steps along the way that take place in order to advance science. It's whimsical and quirky in a way that I don't think you get any more with shows like this (not that there really are any like this now).

Cosmos: is beloved for a reason, and that reason is Carl Sagan. This science show is presented with such a sense of delight and heartfelt wonder that it's hard not to tear up sometimes.

Crusades: A series presented by Terry Jones (from Monty Python). As entertaining and funny as it can be, it also deals sensitively to the cruelty and pointlessness of the crusades, and makes a case for how we are still living with that history from the Middle Ages.

Lucy Worsley: A History Of Home: Really I could have picked any of the many shows presented by Lucy Worsley, she is delightful! She is a curator of Historic Royal Palaces, her shows mostly focus on the lives of the historic royals, and more general history of home, food, and clothes, etc. 

There you have it! Let me know if you also love any of these, or if you know of any others along the same lines that I should check out!


  1. I really enjoyed Orbit, about earth's year long journey around the sun, also the 'Back in time' series, especially Back in time for dinner and Back in time for Christmas.

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