Urban Bonsai

I picked up this beautiful little book at the Portland Japanese Garden's Urban Bonsai exhibit last month. Both my boyfriend and the cashier at the gift shop made fun of me for buying a book I can't actually read, but really, You don't need to be able to read it to enjoy the beautiful photos and design. I love the step by step photos and watching the tiny landscapes come together.


  1. i totally relate to that. there's a pile of japanese books and magazines on my left, and i can only spell out little bits and pieces. they just are too beautifully composed to not acquire. then of course the amazing pictures make one really want to know what the articles are all about...

  2. That's a great self help book to hel you out in planting a bonsai. I always think bonsai is a great home ornament, they add more life to the house. Great! Thanks for sharing this.