One Handspun Day

I'm so happy I can finally share this project with you! One Handspun Day is a new website that offers several collections of unique and beautiful wedding paper goods, designed by artists, for you to download and print yourself for your own handspun wedding.

I was excited to be asked if I would design a collection, I love designing wedding invitation (I've done several). It's a fun challenge for me to bring to life someone else's ideas for their dream wedding invite but I've also been wanting to try designing a collection using my own inspiration, so of course I jumped at this chance! Actually, as usually happens when I can do pretty much anything I want I got overwhelmed with choices and ideas and ended up designing three collections (maybe someday I can show you the one I called "Black Forest Formal")! We decided to just go with one of the collections for now but I think it's one that is the most coherent, cheerful, and appealing, and I hope you think so too!
You can buy the entire collection of Love Is A Flutter or just individual paper goods as you need them on the One Handspun Day website.
(Thanks to Christy for the lovely photos)


  1. these are so lovely! haha, i almost wish my husband & i were getting married all over again :D

  2. Your work is always amazing! What do you use to do the writing on the envelopes? A nib or a pen? I really want to learn to do calligraphy like that...!!