I'm still busy getting ready for the Bazaar next weekend etc. I'm going to have a few small originals for sale including several of these tiny legged horses.

Besides working on that I've been running a lot and it feels great. I started running last spring but took a long break over the summer while it was hot. Now that it's cool again though it's so wonderful to get rid of stress by running so hard that I just cant be bothered to care about anything besides my aching lungs! Believe me that doesn't take very long right now, but hard as it is little by little I can run farther. Lately it's been foggy in the mornings and the leaves are still coming down from the trees, it's just magical running though white mist with golden leaves falling on me. Also, the bonus is that I can eat all the holiday baked goods I want, no guilt!


  1. Pretty Pony! I totally agree and start exercising to be able to eat too much at that special night!

  2. oh that reminds me of how i HAVEN'T been running lately. but i do need to because it does help with the stress...