Green Things

Starting almost immediately after the New Year I begin to get obsessed with the thought of spring and the need to see green things. This is when I unwisely buy too many house plants (I already have too many) & start planning what veggies I'll grow this year. Luckily while visiting my family in extremely cold/snowy/gray Michigan I also have the option of visiting the botanical garden conservatory, so that's what we did yesterday:
Ahh, it felt so nice to recharge for a bit in the green, steamy atmosphere. Afterwards we went out for delicious hot noodles:
I'm going to go ahead and think of Jan. 2nd as the real start of my new year since I was feeling so unwell on Jan. 1st and yesterday was so enjoyable!

I'm still out of town/on vacation until Monday but I do have a piece in this show that's opening in Portland on January 5th at Compound Gallery, so if you're in town you may want to check it out!


  1. I do miss the green so, i do crave spring but im glad you got to go to such a lovely garden. And Ramen to boot sounds like my perfect day!
    Congratulations on getting work in a show! <3

    Happy new year!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Hello Julianna, warm New Year wishes from Arizona!

    I am so with you, it has been so warm and nice here, upper 70's, that I like you, have spring on the brain.

    I become a bit crazed in the plant nursery, wanting to take so many plants home with me, planning, plotting ideas...

    What a beautiful way to begin a new year

    Warmest Regards,


  4. I've been trying to search out some cat/baby friendly house plants as of late.....we are dire need of some green-ness about our little abode. The plant at the top is so dreamy, by the way! :)