Snow Night

The other night it snowed more than I've ever seen in Portland! Of course it turned to rain by morning and disappeared, but it was magical while it lasted. Aradan and I just sat by the fire, with some wine, working on our Excel sheets. Exciting aren't we? But really it was a perfect evening in, cozy and productive. The snow made it so bright, we took these pictures at around 11pm but it was bright as day.


  1. what a beautiful winter wonderland! I love those quiet snowy evenings. We really havent had one of those yet! Im still waiting :)

  2. that looks so cozy and lovely! getting snow on the west coast is so exciting!

  3. that is what I miss the most about the Northwest... the appreciation of infrequent snow! I love that you have to walk everywhere, and things are cozier and people are friendlier! And the light is amazing! Enjoy it!

  4. Wonderful view!! It's bad to be working instead of dreaming...

  5. Your inside picture of your room looks beautifully cosy, especialy with the wine sitting there by the fire. :) The outside view though looks really eerie! I like a night to be a night. The snow is pretty! ;o)
    Jess xx